TORION 1914-1177

The working area.

The spacious, ergonomically designed driver's cab provides perfect conditions for a comfortable, safe and productive working day. The meticulously designed driver workstation features outstanding all-round visibility.

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

TORION 1914-1177

The working area.

The spacious, ergonomically designed driver's cab provides perfect conditions for a comfortable, safe and productive working day. The meticulously designed driver workstation features outstanding all-round visibility.

Cab + comfort.

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

TORION 1914 / 1812

TORION 1511-1177

Keeping you productive at all times.

A safe and comfortable cab environment enables you to deliver outstanding work results. The cab design in the new TORION 1914 / 1812 sets new standards for space, user-friendliness and all-round visibility.

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

The full picture.

Anyone who has had to operate a wheel loader in a constricted space knows the importance of an unobstructed view of the surrounding environment. To keep yourself, and everyone else, safe, you always need to know exactly who or what is in front of you, and beside and behind the vehicle. The TORION provides 360° visibility with its rounded windscreen and the very narrow columns, set slightly back.

The expansive glazing surfaces also give the operator a clear view of the implement carrier at all times. Even with the mast fully raised, the driver can still keep an eye on the mounted implements and operate accurately at the maximum overhead height.

Optimum seating comfort.

The TORION caters for the operator's comfort with an air-suspended, heated seat with a high backrest. The seat cushion depth and angle and back support are individually adjustable, and preferred settings can be saved for each driver. The control console is integrated in the right armrest and moves with the armrest. A left armrest can be fitted if desired.

Alternatively, the mid-size series (TORION 1511-1177) can be fitted with a mechanically sprung seat. This too eases the strain on the driver with superb comfort and numerous adjustment options.

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

Simple and convenient joystick.

With the ergonomically formed joystick, you have everything comfortably under control at all times. The joystick is integrated in the armrest, and swings in and out as required. This minimises hand fatigue on even the longest working days.

Electronic pilot control for accurate proportional control of all functions:

  • Raising and lowering the mast
  • Filling and dumping of implement
  • Switch controlling the direction of travel (forwards, neutral, reverse)
TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

Intuitive and user-friendly: Multifunction control lever.

The multifunction control lever with electronic pilot control, which moves with the armrest, provides an accurate and ultra-convenient system for controlling the TORION. Its operation is simple and intuitive. The lever provides precise and sensitive control of not only the direction of travel and loader unit, but many more functions besides.

In addition to all the standard joystick functions, further functions can be programmed individually on the two joystick buttons.

TORION 2014 / 1913 1511 1410 1177

Clear and self-explanatory: touchscreen display.

A 7" (large implements) / 9" (medium-sized implements) colour touchscreen acts as the central source of information for the machine operator. The large, bright display can be adjusted to the preferred height and tilt and remains easy to read even in poor light conditions. The icons are self-explanatory, and the system is intuitive to operate.

Touchscreen display.

No IT degree required to operate this machine!

The outward and inward tip speed of the bucket or other mounted implement is easily set as required on the touchscreen display. This provides capability for individually setting the movement speed of two different mounted implements, for a more precisely metered bulk goods loading operation.

TORION 2014 / 1913 1511 1410 1177

Easy adjustment.

Where an implement is connected with an additional control circuit (e.g. high-tip bucket, grab shovel or bale grab), the operator can easily reverse the control device from inside the cab. The oil flow rate can also be individually adjusted on the touchscreen display according to the application and implement involved. This caters equally easily for high power demands, such as when removing silage from the clamp, and for the sensitive handling of straw bales in the field, for example.

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

Steering system.

Dynamic steering when the going gets tough.

To save unnecessary strain on your arms during jobs with frequent or repeated steering movements, simply switch the TORION over to dynamic steering. This reduces the number of wheel turns needed to turn through a given steering angle. As a result, the job gets done faster, with no impact on operating safety.

Joystick steering for routine tasks.

Where you are repeating essentially the same sequence of steering movements time and time again, as in the Y-pattern required for completing a loading task, steering with the joystick can be a real boon. This function is activated with a toggle switch on the control joystick in the left armrest. The steering speed is then governed by operation of the joystick and the ground speed.

Steering columns adaptable for any driver.

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

Adjustable slope

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

Adjustable height

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

Adjustable angle

The TORION 1914 and 1812 have a three-way adjustable steering column – so you can adjust the slope, height and angle of the steering wheel and spinner knob to your individual requirements.

The mid-range model series (TORION 1511-1177) has a tilting steering column. Additional height adjustment is also available on request.

Highlights for even more comfortable driving.

  • The automatic climate control system maintains exactly the cab temperature you have set. Ventilation intensity, air distribution and temperature are all individually programmable.
  • You can also have the TORION set up for retrofitting and wireless devices (TORION 1914 / 1812 only). All the required brackets and cables are fitted and wired in the factory, ready for use when required.
  • An adapter plate on the multifunction rail provides safe and practical stowage for mobile phone, tablets and other devices, so that they are within easy reach at all times.
  • Comfort equipment includes a radio with MP3 function, Bluetooth hands-free system, USB connection and a removable control panel.

Camera and safety systems.

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

Rear-view camera, 1914 / 1812

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

Rear-view camera, 1511-1177

TORION 2014 / 1913 1511 1410 1177


Like having eyes in the back of your head.

A standard-equipment camera safely installed at the rear of the machine gives you an outstandingly clear view of what is happening behind you. No additional monitor is required. When the machine is being driven in reverse, the images automatically come up in full-screen mode on the touchscreen display.

Bird's eye view.

In the TORION 1914 / 1812, there are four additional cameras monitoring the area all around the machine. The PROFI CAM 360° combines the individual images into an overall bird's eye view, and transfers them to an additional display in the cab. The complete elimination of blind spots provides maximum safety for the driver.

Obstacle warnings.

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913
TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913
TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

The reverse obstacle detector warns the driver of any people or obstacles located behind the machine. The detector is activated automatically when the machine is put into reverse.

The distance from the obstacle is displayed with a system of coloured LEDs. On the detection of an obstacle, a warning tone is sounded inside the cab, and also outside (TORION 1914 / 1812).

TORION 1511 / 1410 / 1177 2014 1913

Bright as day, with LEDs.

Pivoting LED work lights provide all-round 360° lighting of the machine environment throughout the long working day. These long-life lights combine impressive luminous power with low electricity consumption. Alternatively, you can have your TORION fitted with halogen lights.

Both LED and halogen lights can be pivoted and individually directed as required. Four lights are placed at the front of the cab, and either two or four at the rear.

12 lights in the TORION 1914 / 1812.

  1. Four LED lights on front of cab roof
  2. Light mount for front road driving light and indicators
  3. Rotating beacon
  4. Two LED lights at right and left at rear of cab
  5. Two or four LED lights at rear of cab
  6. Four LED or halogen lights at rear on bonnet
  7. Tail lights, reversing lights and indicators